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5 Things You Should Know About Living in A Sorority House

Updated: May 12, 2020

I always said I was not the “sorority girl” type. Of course, when I said this I had little to no knowledge about what sorority life is actually like. Luckily, this opinion of mine changed and I gave Panhellenic life a chance. I am now part of a wonderful organization, which I love with my whole heart. Next, I said I would “never move into my sorority house;” yet again this opinion changed and I experienced my best year of college living in Chi Omega. While there are many things you can expect living in the house, there are many surprising benefits too. So, here are five things I think you should know about living in a sorority house: 1. You will see many more sides of your sorority Living in the house will give you a glance at your sorority in a new way. You get to see the hours a regular sister doesn’t always see. From early mornings cooking breakfast in the kitchen, to late nights studying in the common areas during finals week, there's never a dull moment. It's always entertaining to be in the house before a function where everyone is running around trying to get ready. One of my favorite things has to be seeing all the steps that went into decorating the house for events and the holidays. While it can all seem like little miniscule things, it all adds up to wonderful memories. 2. You will meet your best friends Sisters I always knew and admired became my life-long friends. I spent countless hours with my roommate and suitemate at all hours of the day, and they soon became my best friends. Living in a house together gives you so many more opportunities to bond, especially during the long hours of recruitment week. With a chapter of over 100 girls it can often be hard to hangout and get to know everyone, though if you ever struggle with meeting sisters, living in the house will make it so much easier. 3. Living in the house makes campus life much more convenient Nothing is easier than waking up and just walking downstairs for events or meetings, not to mention my job (which is on campus), and my classes which became only a 5-minute walk away. I am way more involved on campus now that everything is so much closer to me too. As dangerous as it is, it's nice to have Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, and other restaurants only minutes away. Overall, I found being on-campus is much more convenient and makes you more likely to go to events and want to be involved. 4. You will learn patience Before living in the house, I thought I was a “patient” person, but it wasn't until I moved into my sorority house that I noticed the areas I needed to grow in. I found a lot of the things I viewed as mandatory ways of living, were just me being up-tight. Living with 40 other people will not only teach yourself patience, but it will teach you new ways to live that most of the time are better. You get a chance to see other sister’s schedules and pick up tips and tricks for your own. 5. Your love for your organization will grow more than you thought possible I always knew I had love for Chi Omega, but when I moved into the house I finally saw that love flourish. Getting to know more sisters on a deeper level and being involved in new ways let me fall in love with my organization all over again. I have a new-found respect and appreciation for my sisters and the house we call home. If you’re on the fence about moving into your sorority house my advice is to take the leap and go for it! If you try it out and it’s not the living space for you, at least you can say you tried it and that’s a college experience you can talk about later in life. Maybe you will find out it’s the perfect fit for you and you have a pocket full of new beautiful memories with your sisters.

- Amy Maciel

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