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Recruitment Schedule

Sunday, August 14th: Greek Knight Line Up, Cape Florida Ballroom, check-in between 2:10PM & 2:20PM and will end at 5:00PM. If you are missing any days of recruitment make sure to register for this event by emailing with the days that you are missing and the reason.


Sunday, August 14th: Parents Forum, Key West Ballroom, doors open at 5:45PM, forum begins at 6:00PM. We will have panel of sorority advisors and faculty, and parents will be able to ask questions. If you have any questions please email us at


Sunday, August 14th: Greek Forum - Located in the Pegasus Ballroom downstairs in the Student Union. YOU MUST BRING YOUR STUDENT ID! Dress casual, but cute (shorts, cute shirt, and flats). See below your for you check in time based on your last name:

5:00-5:15PM - A-G

5:15-5:30PM - H-N

5:30-5:45PM - O-T

5:45-6:00PM - U-Z

This night you'll learn about how the rest of the week works, as well as times to arrive.


Monday, August 15th: UCF Day 1 - Visit 6 of our 12 Chapters


Tuesday, August 16th: UCF Day 2 - Visit the other 6 chapters


Wednesday, August 17th: Philanthropy - Learn about chapter's philanthropic efforts to our community


Thursday, August 18th: Video Day - Watch a video to get a glimpse into the chapter's sisterhood


Friday, August 19th: Preference Night -You'll experience chapter's ceremonies, and determine which sisterhood you'd like to join. 


Saturday, August 20th: Bid Day  - You will open your Bid card and run home to your new sisters!

Times for August 15th -20th will be announced during recruitment. Every day starts at 8:45am, but the ending time is still TBD!

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