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Rho Gammas

Our recruitment guides, or Rho Gammas, play a key role in the Formal Recruitment process. These sorority women are selected by an extensive and competitive application and interview process conducted by the Panhellenic Executive Board. 

Rho Gammas disassociate from their respective sororities in order to facilitate the Recruitment process for potential new members.  They go through an extensive educational training on the twelve UCF Panhellenic sororities (including their history, insignia, songs, traditions, and ideals) which gives them an equal knowledge of all the chapters and a neutral and informed perspective for all potential new members. Although they may choose to reveal their letters, they still have been thoroughly trained to remain unbiased through the recruitment process. 

During the week of Formal Recruitment, Rho Gammas will have a group of 9-13 PNMs to guide through the process. Each Rho Gamma will be in a group with 6 or 7 additional Rho Gammas and a Recruitment Executive Board member who will explain the process to potential new members, help them reach difficult decisions, and be their confidential soundboard. 


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