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Spring Fling Informational

So now that the event is cancelled...


What was the purpose of Spring Fling Informational?

Spring Fling Informational was structured differently this year than from previous years- it is a casual information session where each chapter is introduced and showcased even if they are not accepting new members for the Spring term. One representative from each chapter speaks on behalf of their chapter as a whole and all the aspects surrounding our Panhellenic community. 

What should I expect after?

Some chapters will be taking new members, but since this is Continuous Open Bidding Process (COB) not many do for Spring! Do not get discouraged if you are not given membership into a chapter this semester- that is okay! This information session is just meant to show you your options and encourage you to sign up for Fall recruitment. 

Since Spring Fling Informational was cancelled, will it be rescheduled?

Unfortunately we will not be rescheduling this event. All information given is accessible to read online!

What is a COB (Continuous Open Bid)? 

Continous Open Bids are what Spring is all about! We do not go through an entire recruitment process like we do in the Fall. Only a few bids will be given by a few chapters on campus to women already familiar with that chapter! 

I was hoping to join a chapter this semester, what should I do now?

UCF Panhellenic has an informal recruitment process when it comes to Spring semesters. Many chapters do not participate or give bids to women during the Spring. However, COB's are given to few women who are already familiar with chapters and our recruitment process. This is why we recommend formal Fall recruitment, so you can get a glimpse into every sisterhood. Our formal recruitment process takes place in the Fall where all 12 chapters will participate in recruiting women. We encourage all women to sign up for Fall recruitment. 

How do I know which chapters are recruiting women in the Spring?

Although we highly encourage you to go through Fall Recruitment, you may contact chapters individually to ask them questions about membership. However these women will also advise that you go through Fall Recruitment. This experience is not one you want to miss!

How do I sign up to Fall Recruitment?

Registration for Fall Recruitment will open up on April 1 on Pricing for Fall will go as follows:

April 1-June 1: $100

June 2- July 21: $130

July 22- August 4: $160 

This is a one-time nonrefundable fee, payments can only be accepted online. 

I'm going to be a Junior, can I still join a sorority?

Yes! There is no Panhellenic rule saying you can't sign up for recruitment! 

If I need advice about sorority life, who should I talk to?

We have created an email outlet - to help women with any advice they may need regarding the recruitment process and finding their perfect home. 

I don't need any advice, I just have a question about a chapter, who should I contact?

If you go under the tab at the top that says "Chapters", there will be an email address for you to be able to contact them directly with any questions you may have for them specifically. 


If you have any further questions regarding Spring Fling Informational contact us at You can also check out our calendar & social media to keep up with our Panhellenic community! Go Greek!

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