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New member rights

As you go through the Recruitment process, it is important to understand how much we respect you and your decision to go through Recruitment. It is our goal to make sure all potential new members feel comfortable and excited about going through Recruitment and have fun throughout the entire week. If at anytime you are made to feel uncomfortable or feel that something just is not supposed to be a certain way, please let us know and the Panhellenic Council and your Rho Gamma will do all we can to accommodate you. The following statements break down the rights potential new members have as they go through the process.


Potential New Member Bill of Rights:


  • The right to be treated as an individual.

  • The right to be fully informed about the recruitment process.

  • The right to ask questions and receive true and objective answers from Recruitment Guide and members.

  • The right to be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized.

  • The right to ask how and why and receive straight answers.

  • The right to have and express opinions to Recruitment Guide.

  • The right to have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with Recruitment Guide.

  • The right to make informed choices without undue pressure from others.

  • The right to be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the preference card signing.

  • The right to make one's own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of the decision.

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