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Helpful Hints


Following is a list of suggestions that may ease your student’s transition to sorority membership at UCF:

  • Be happy and supportive with your daughter's choice of sorority.

  • Remember that this is your daughter’s choice, and she should choose the chapter that is right for her, regardless of legacies or family history!

  • If you have a question about sorority life, go to the source and ask the Panhellenic Advisor. Don't buy into gossip or hearsay. We want you to have the best information possible! Contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at (407) 823-2072.  Sorority Life changes with each new member class. Allow your daughter to participate in the new experiences and new ways of Panhellenic life.

  • Encourage your daughter to attend programs sponsored by Panhellenic and Fraternity and Sorority Life.  It’s a great way to meet women from different chapters.

  • Know the name and phone number of the chapter president, chapter advisor, new member educator, big brother/big sister, and house director if applicable.

  • Ask for details about the financial aspects of membership prior to joining! Each chapter governs its finances individually. If you are paying, you deserve to know! Many one-time fees are paid in the first semester, so expect the first semester to be the most expensive.

  • Initiation is an important time for the new initiates. Be supportive and respectful of this time for your student. Initiation dates are made public to the new members.

  • Talk with your daughter! Phone calls, e-mails, letters and care packages are always appreciated.

  • Attend UCF Family Weekend and visit the sorority and your daughter.

  • Expect to see new t-shirts, photos, and other sorority paraphernalia. 

  • Encourage your daughter to be a part of the UCF community and take advantage of our numerous resources!




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