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The Executive Board

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We are humbled to serve as your 2023 UCF Panhellenic Executive Board and strive to better our community by enriching the sorority experience.
Panhellenic love and mine.

–UCF Panhellenic Executive Board



President, Moira

Major: Marketing
Minor: Health Science
Hometown: Sanford, FL

The Panhellenic Community to me means challenge, strength, growth, opportunity, and support. The undergraduate period of any student’s life is well known as one of the most challenging and ever-changing times a person will experience. We are young, while seeking a higher-level education; two factors that can flourish together but can also clash if not balanced appropriately. This is where my love for Panhellenic comes in. This community provides a safe space for so many hard working, growth-seeking women. A support system for whenever it is needed, and real friendships beyond the ones in your home chapter.

For executive matters, contact Moira at


Executive Vice President, Reece

Major: Philosophy + Communication and Conflict
Hometown: Fort Myers, FL

Through my chapter and the Panhellenic community I’ve met the most amazing and inspiring women, and many of them are people I’m lucky enough to call my friends. This community has been the defining aspect of my college experience, and I can’t wait to continue learning from and growing with Panhellenic in this new role!

For questions or concerns relating to our bylaws, infractions, and the judicial system, contact Reece at


Vice President of Internal Recruitment, Morgan

Major: Accounting
Hometown: Pompano Beach, FL

Panhellenic to me means a sense of community and belonging! If you had asked me three years if I wanted to be in a sorority I would've laughed, but I am so thankful I took the leap to join Panhellenic. I never would've thought joining a sorority would lead me to serving on the Panhellenic executive board! It has opened many doors for me and I have met so many amazing people that make it worth it. I have been able to gain the confidence to push myself to become a better leader and woman. I am forever grateful to be a Panhellenic woman.

For Recruitment-related questions from our chapters, contact Morgan at


Vice President of External Recruitment, Lucy

Major: Health Sciences (Pre Clinical)
Hometown: Clearwater, FL

To me, Panhellenic means a strong group of like minded individuals striving towards the same goal. It means continuous support and unconditional love.

If you are interested in or have questions about Recruitment, contact Lucy at


Vice President of Risk Management, Ashlyn

Major: Forensic Biochemistry
Hometown: San Antonio, TX

To me, Panhellenic means being a part of something bigger than yourself or your chapter. In this incredible community we aren’t 12 chapters but one big group of women who strive to make a change. Falling in love with this community through my chapter, the Rho Gamma process, and now the 2023 executive board has changed so much, and Panhellenic has given me the next stepping stone to get me exactly where I want to be. Panhellenic is sisterhood and strength.

Contact Ashlyn with any health and safety questions, concerns, or suggestions at


Vice President of Public Relations, Maggie

Major: Marketing
Minor: Mass Culture & Collective Behavior
Hometown: Key Largo, FL

Panhellenic is a community of women who constantly work to empower each other and promote sisterhood. I am so grateful for the support system I have found through Panhellenic, and truly believe I would not hold this position if I had not developed a greater sense of self-confidence from being part of this community.

Contact Maggie for anything regarding our social media platforms or website at


Vice President of Community Involvement, Kat

Major: Physics
Minor: Education
Hometown: St. Augustine, FL

For me, Panhellenic means empowering other women, learning from each other, and embracing who you are, as well as building a strong community through all of those.

For anything regarding community service, fundraising, and local events, contact Kat at


Vice President of Leadership + Academic Development, Brooke

Major: Political Science Pre-Law
Minors: Criminal Justice and Intelligence and National Security
Certificate: Leadership Studies
Hometown: Bradenton, Florida

To me, being a Panhellenic member means being authentic, caring, and trustworthy. The Panhellenic Community has given me friendships and opportunities of a lifetime. Being a part of this community gives you a supportive network of like-minded individuals and assists you in personal growth.

Contact Brooke regarding scholarships, academic programs, and our impact on campus at


Vice President of Recruitment Guides, Sophie

Major: Journalism
Minor: Psychology
Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL

Panhellenic means getting to be a part of something bigger than just your chapter. It means I can walk into anywhere on campus, see a girl wearing her letters, and have an instant connection with her, even if I do not personally know her. It means making friends I didn’t even know I was capable of making!

For anything regarding Rho Gammas, contact Sophie at


Vice President of Administration, Grace

Major: Psychology
Minor: Music and Leadership
Hometown: Vienna, VA

Panhellenic means community, sisterhood, support, and opportunity.

Contact Grace with anything regarding finances at


Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Cami

Major: Biology - Plant Sciences Track
Minor: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Longwood, FL

Panhellenic means sisterhood, altruistic service, and the pursuit of growth.

For anything regarding diversity and ways to be a better inclusive community, contact Cami at

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