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We are humbled to serve as your 2020 UCF Panhellenic Executive Board and strive to better our community by enriching the sorority experience. Panhellenic love and mine.

                                                                                                                                  -UCF Panhellenic Executive Board



Major: Legal Studies

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Why I went Greek: I wanted to join a community that helped to make a huge school, not seem so big. I was able to find my people and my home away from home.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: I am honored to serve as the Panhellenic President and it has taught me the importance of advocating for our community. Being on the Exec Board is such a special accomplishment to me. I am able to help and give back to the community that has given me so much. I am so excited to be apart of this years board!

Contact me for Executive Matters

Executive Vice President


Major: Human Communication

Minor: Spanish

Hometown: Vero Beach, FL

Why I went Greek: I went Greek to meet people so that a huge campus wouldn't seem so big. When I was a kid I was always really shy and I hoped that by joining a chapter it would push me out of my comfort zone. Not only has it given me lifelong friendships but also allowed me to become a leader in a community that means so much to me.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being on the Panhellenic Executive Board has been such a great experience. I have been able to work with such amazing women from different organizations and advisors that push me to become the best leader I can. 

Contact me for anything regarding our bylaws, infractions, and our judicial system

Vice President of external recruitment


Majors: English-Creative Writing and Legal Studies

Minor: Sociology

Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL

Why I went Greek: I went Greek because I was seeking a place where I could give back to the community on a larger scale and find my place on such a huge campus.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being on the Exec Board means using my strengths to be a guiding example for the rest of the Panhellenic community and meeting so many other incredible women from other chapters.

Contact me if you are interested in or have about questions about Recruitment

Vice President of internal recruitment


Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Why I went Greek: To find more friends and become bigger than just myself. Little did i know it would open so many more doors for me than i could ever imagine.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: That i can be a leader and inspire other girls to go after their goals. I love that i am able to make a difference in the community and meet so many amazing women.

Contact me with any Recruitment related questions from chapters

Vice President of recruitment guides


Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Lake Worth, FL

Why I went Greek: Wanted to find the home-away-from-home, find my future bridesmaids!

What being on the Executive Board means to me: It gives me the chance to share my passion and drive with the whole community and show how amazing this place can be. Ever since I joined my chapter I have been in love with this community and all the amazing girls that I have met and I am so excited to serve all of pan!!

Contact me for anything regarding Rho Gammas

Vice President of community involvement


Major: Political Studies

Minor: Legal Studies

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Why I went Greek: To become more involved in the UCF community and find lifelong friends

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being on Exec board means that I’m able to serve the community that has already given me so much and give back, all while being surrounded by people I love!

Contact me for anything regarding community service, fundraising, and local events

Vice President of leadership & academic Development


Major: Human Communications with a Health track

Minor: Dance

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Why I went Greek: Being 1,000 miles away from home I really wanted to find my people and going Greek has done exactly that, whether it be people in my own chapter or all of my friends throughout the Panhellenic community

What being on the Executive Board means to me: It means I get to help give back to the community that has given so much to me. I hope I can inspire people to love this amazing community as much as I do and help them become the best versions of themselves.

Contact me regarding scholarships, academic programs, and our impact on campus

Vice President of risk management


Major: Health Services Administration

Minor: Business Administration

Hometown: Miami, FL

Why I went Greek: I’m the first person to go Greek in my family, so for me it was all about breaking stereotypes, challenging misconceptions, and being the best woman I could be. Now I have a girl gang like no other and a community that pushes me to my full potential!

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Panhellenic women are some of the strongest, most resilient women who lead and empower others through both actions and words, in the open and the shadows. Our women set standards for scholarship, leadership, philanthropy, friendship, and community while striving to break down barriers and grow individually. It is a great privilege to serve on the Panhellenic Executive Board and represent such an amazing community of women.

Contact me regarding health and safety questions and concerns as well as anything health and safety related that you would like to see implemented in our community

Vice President of Administration


Major: Health Sciences

Hometown: Deerfield Beach, FL

Why I went Greek: To find a home away from home!

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being on Exec is such an honor. It means the world to know that others see my ability to help lead this amazing community into a positive future.

Contact me regarding finances

         Vice President of Public Relations


Major: Marketing

Hometown: Jensen Beach, FL

Why I went Greek: I wanted to join a community that could keep me busy, encourage me to get involved on campus, and help me better my career and network of amazing people. Panhellenic has given me these opportunities and lifelong friends, especially this Exec.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: I am so happy to be a part of this Executive Board with these amazing, hilarious people. Serving on the board means that I have the opportunity to not only make hundreds of new friends in Pan but to also serve as a leader in bettering the community!

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