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We are humbled to serve as your 2019 UCF Panhellenic Executive Board and strive to better our community by enriching the sorority experience. Panhellenic love and mind.

                                                                                                                                  -UCF Panhellenic Executive Board



Major: Political Science

Minor: Cinema Studies

Hometown: Lake Mary, FL

Why I went Greek: I became Greek because I knew that it would help me get the most out of my college experience. Joining a sorority gave  me a new network of friends and it allowed me to explore several leadership opportunities.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: I am blessed to work along side such wonderful women on this executive board to help guide our community. I am honored to serve as the Panhellenic President and it has taught me the importance of advocating for our community. Being on the executive board has allowed to me grow my sorority experience outside of my own sorority and we strive to find new ways to better our community.

Contact me for Executive Matters

Executive Vice President


Major: Business Managment

Minor: Health Sciences

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Why I went Greek: I went Greek to meet people so that a huge campus wouldn't seem so big. When I was a kid I was always really shy and I hoped that by joining a chapter it would push me out of my comfort zone. Not only has it given me lifelong friendships but also allowed me to become a leader in a community that means so much to me.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being on the Panhellenic Executive Board has been such a great experience. I have been able to work with such amazing women from different organizations and advisors that push me to become the best leader I can. 

Contact me for anything regarding our bylaws, infractions, and our judicial system

Vice President of external recruitment


Major: Industrial Engineering

Hometown: DeLand, FL

Why I went Greek: After attending a different university my freshman year, I came to UCF not knowing anyone. I decided to go greek to find a support system as well as women who would push me to become a better version of myself. I was about to find that in my chapter as well as the Panhellenic community.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being a member of the Panhellenic Executive board has been such a blessing. I am able to work alongside talented and beautiful women. I have been pushed outside my comfort zone and challenged. It has allowed me to grow as an individual and gain skills that will help me throughout the rest of my life.

Contact me if you are interested in or have about questions about Recruitment

Vice President of internal recruitment


Major: Hospitality Management

Minor: Marketing

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Why I went Greek: I went greek to find my home away from home.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: I love being on the Executive Board and being able to make a difference in the community because it allows me to meet many new amazing women.

Contact me with any Recruitment related questions from chapters

Vice President of recruitment guides


Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Weston, FL

Why I went Greek: I decided to go through recruitment to make new friends! 

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being apart of the Panhellenic is something I love so much. The community has helped me become who I am today. It has taught me to be a better leader and has helped me gain so much more confidence. Being on exec as VP of Recruitment Guides allows me to teach all my Rho Gammas to love the Panhellenic community as much as I do! 

Contact me for anything regarding Rho Gammas

Vice President of community involvement


Major: Human Communication

Hometown: Ormond Beach, FL

Why I went Greek: I wanted to follow in my mother's footsteps.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Panhellenic is an amazing opportunity to watch powerful women band together and make a difference in the world.

Contact me for anything regarding community service, fundraising, and local events

Vice President of leadership & academic Development


Major: Political Science

Hometown: Miami, FL

Why I went Greek: went through recruitment so that I could find a group of people that made UCF feel smaller and make me feel welcome on campus as an incoming student.

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being a part of Panhellenic is amazing because I get to say that I am a member of UCF’s best organization where its members contribute so much to philanthropies and to the university, serving in leadership roles in every part of campus.

Contact me regarding scholarships, academic programs, and our impact on campus

Vice President of risk management


Major: Hospitality Management

Hometown: Beckley, WV

Why I went Greek: I was an out of state student and wanted to meet new people and make lifelong friendships!

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being a part of Pan Exec is so rewarding to me because I am able to work with inspiring leaders from other chapters than my own in Panhellenic. It’s given me such an appreciation for greek life and I get the opportunity to give back to a community that has provided so much happiness and great friends and memories to me!

Contact me regarding health and safety questions and concerns as well as anything health and safety related that you would like to see implemented in our community

Vice President of Administration


Major: Pre-Clinical Health Science


Why I went Greek: I went Greek because I wanted to get a chance to meet people, make connections and have a great college experience 

What being on the Executive Board means to me: The Panhellenic board has given me the opportunity to get more involved with the Greek community and also has pushed me to become a better leader and helped me acquire skills in finance 

Contact me regarding finances

         Vice President of Public Relations


Major: Clinical Psychology 

Hometown: Parkland, FL

Why I went Greek: I went Greek because leaving my little sister at home was the hardest thing I've ever done and I wanted that sense of sisterhood here at school. 

What being on the Executive Board means to me: Being on the Panhellenic board is such a rewarding experience to me because I constantly am working with such confident and powerful women, it's a very beautiful and empowering thing. 

Contact me regarding social media and this website

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