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6 Apps Every UCF Student Should Have

It can be overwhelming always having to know where to go, how to save money, and what there is to do around campus, especially freshman year. We have compiled a list of must-have apps that have helped us throughout the years and I'm sure they'll help you too.

1. UCF Mobile

The UCF Mobile app is ultimately a how-to guide to campus with all of the essentials you will need to navigate campus. It's no secret the parking garages and student lots are almost always at full capacity during the week, but this app was my saving grace for finding a spot. If you go to Parking Availability you can see the spaces available in each garage at all times which can save you a lot of time when it comes to getting to class. Speaking of getting to class, you can get help finding buildings on campus using the Maps feature that can even provide you with a walking or driving path to class. This was very helpful when looking at building acronyms on my class schedule and not having a clue what they stood for.

If you are planning to live at an off campus apartment or take the bus around campus, you should find the Shuttles feature to be quite helpful as well. It will tell you where each route goes, when the next shuttle is arriving, and where exactly the shuttles are at a given time during the day. The shuttles even run on game days! You can also use the app to replenish your Knight Cash, check daily dining, keep up with our athletics, and more. While these are only a few of our favorites, The UCF Mobile app is full of many cool features that can aid in a better understanding of our campus.

2. Zupp

Created by UCF alumni, Zupp is an all inclusive source for discovering experiences on and around campus. From ice cream dates to cheap bowling, Zupp is full of daily deals on meals and experiences (even FREE opportunities). At only $4.99 a month, this app's benefits will more than make up for the small costs! Their purpose is to "build friendships through shared adventures," which anyone who uses it can tell you is true. Each time you use a coupon the app tracks your savings, which can be great for competing with your friends. After only 3 years my savings are nearly $200.

Over the last few years Zupp has had cool events like signing a card for McKenzie Milton, making posters for College GameDay, entrance to block parties, free food at new restaurants, and even a surprise ice cream truck during finals. Zupp has really been a great way for my friends and I to get out of the house and still maintain our broke college student budgets. If you follow them on social media you have a chance at winning a free month or even semester worth of great deals too!

3. Canvas

Canvas is the program UCF uses for Webcourses, and ultimately the best way to stay on top of due dates. By logging into your UCF account on the canvas app you can see when grades are submitted, have easy access to messages, and quickly check your dashboard(due dates) without pulling out a laptop. There have been times where I have even submitted assignments through the app when I was in a pinch or needed to scan a document. Discussion posts can be quite popular for many undergrad courses, and you can submit them on the Canvas app as well. We advise the use of Canvas primarily through Webcourses, though the app's quick features can aid in daily reminders and last minute tasks. If you are looking to be at prime productivity make sure to keep your notifications on!

4. Pocket Points

Calling all the broke college students! If you are looking for an app that will save you money while simply sitting in class or studying on campus, this app is for you. Pocket Points rewards you for staying off the phone in class and while driving. It will track your location with proximity to campus and usually works in campus dorms too. While using the app, your points will reflect the amount of time you work with your screen locked. Deals vary though I have cashed out for money toward Chilis, Chick-Fil-A deals, and a $5 full cup of froyo at Menchie's. If you are an online shopper as well you can use your points on discounts at places like Lulus as well. If you are anything like me you may be thinking these deals will take a while to accumulate, though that is often not the case. Make that money while also staying on top of your studies, what can be better?

5. Uber/Lift

Call me dramatic but I believe ride share apps can be the difference between life and death in college. If you are planning on going out with your friends and drinking, as many people do, you need to have a safe plan. UCF Student Government has done a lot to organize some free weekend rides in the past though in my opinion you NEED to have one of these apps downloaded. From my experience it is easy to find a designated driver, but if your DD has a couple drinks, goes home early, or makes other plans, you won't be left high and dry with either of these apps on back up (but remember to charge your phone). The costs can add up but try splitting the rides with friends to make it more affordable and use Zupp to save some money on takeout or late night activities.

6. GroupMe

If you don't already have GroupMe you should download it ASAP. Each semester GroupMe groups are created by students for various classes, great for keeping up with due dates, asking other students questions, and overall staying in the know. Often times you will find it helpful when you need a groupchat for people with both Androids and IPhones. We use it for our executive boards, group projects, and in some cases events. The best part of this app is that it is accessible our your computer as well.

GroupMe has become widely used as a technique for communicating about "business," although we have used it to communicate on a chapter basis in the community and especially club organizations. Remember you maintain academic integrity at all times while using this app as UCF does not tolerate any form of cheating and won't hesitate to take action. Aside from that, of all the apps you should have during college this is one of the best for sure.

Sure apps like Outlook, Venmo, Cash App, Spin(for scooters), and Google Drive are important to have, but we feel this list is full of most of the essentials UCF students should download. Comment below if you can think of anything else, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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